Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 16 (TotB Session 9)

Session 16 (TotB Session 9; 24 iv 2012)

Moonday 22 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • Pushing on into the south-eastern tower, the party were confronted with a bizarre basilisk
  • Beyond there, in the north-eastern tower, the party were surprised by a black pudding landing on them
  • Deciding to head straight to the isolated tower, the party ascended to an upper corridor then across a high bridge over to the target Lightning Tower
  • Entering the tower, the party were attacked by a girallon flesh golem
  • Climbing the stairs to the next floor up, the party were greeted by Waxwood, the homunculus, who tried to mime to them about the imprisonment of the Count in the room above and the presence of the Aberrant Promethean; it also tried to teach the party about the Bondslave Thrall
    • With this information, Carl & Lady Mishka flew up to the top of the tower and determined how to use the Bondslave Thrall and the Storm Caller, though alerting the Aberrant Promethean to their whereabouts
  • A large battle was engaged with the party attacking the Aberrant Promethean while Carl and Mishka called for the aid of the Beast of Lepidstadt
    • Gregor was mauled
    • The Beast turned up and aided the party in defeating the Aberrant Promethean
  • The party released the nearly dead Count and heard his story
    • He had been trying to resurrect his wife and dead son and had experimented widely creating many abominations
    • For not looting his home, proving the Beast of Lepidstadt innocent, keeping his story quiet and agreeing to right the wrongs of the Whispering Way, the Count provided the party with a banker’s cheque for 3,000 gp and some magic items
    • The Count also told of the attack on the Schloss by the Whispering Way and their probable onward travel into the Shudderwood and maybe to Ascanor Lodge
  • The party tidied up the rest of the unexplored areas finding other strange creatures, traps and evidence of the Whispering Way

Toilday 23 & Wealday 24 Kuthona 4711

  • Returned to Lepidstadt

Oathday 25 Kuthona 4711

  • The party met Judge Daramid and make a report
    • Daramid congratulated the party for their effective work
    • She asked the party to agree to a ruse to make out that the Beast of Lepidstadt has been killed in the swamp for she fears what the mob might yet do and how many of them might die in the swamp searching for the Beast; the party agreed and she promised to ensure the Count never lets the Beast leave his care again
    • She revealed her membership of the secret society called the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, which defends Ustalav from threats
    • In this capacity, she asked the party to track down the Whispering Way whose theft of the Seasage Effigy is still not understood and offered a reward of 6,000 gp which the party accepted
  • Shamiid’s conscience could not let her leave the tale this way so she privately visited the Cathedral of Pharasma and informed the church leadership of the Count’s secret experiments; the church is astonished
Session 15 (TotB Session 8)

Session 15 (TotB Session 8; 17 iv 2012)

Sunday 21 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • The party, having finished the blasted Alchemy Wing, checked the rope bridge across the the Living Museum
    • A conjuration was found on the bridge and the party feared another summoned monster in precarious circumstances
    • Cowering in the Manse, they let loose a menagerie of their own conjured creatures which were quickly defeated by the summoned erinyes, who sought out the party but failed to find them before the summons expired
  • Quickly crossing the bridge, the party arrived on the broken abutment in front of the door to the Living Museum
  • The lobby of the museum had brass plaques describing the rooms beyond and the party decided to explore the ‘Beasts of Dark Reputation’ exhibit room first
    • A coffin opened shortly after the party arrived and an ancient mummy got out while a cowering mimic also joined the fight
    • Gregor was afflicted with mummy rot
    • Once the fight ended, a few moments later, the museum’s guardian – a faceless flesh golem escorted by six humunculi – arrived to attack the intruders
  • Next the party explored the ‘Things of the Land’ and the ‘Things of the Sea’ exhibits and found a secret door leading up to the second floor
  • Instead of going up, the party descended to the place from which the golem had arrived and found a room marked the ‘Secret Curios’ which held 3 opaque jars, still unopened
  • Finally ascending, the party found ‘Things of the Air’ and an attic storeroom in which they found three shrieking medusa heads in a box
  • As Gregor went up to the tower, he set off an acid fog trap
  • that was enough for one day and the party rested with Burdan, Carl and Delfaer levelling over night
  • The evening being the Ritual of Stardust for those of the Desnan faith, Lady Mishka Mohana was blessed by her goddess with good fortune for the following day

Moonday 22 Kuthona 4711

  • Next morning the party attended to Gregor’s woes: mending his armour and curing the mummy rot
  • Ascending the hard climb, the party started the day’s adventuring in the building high above barging the door open and finding it flooded with water
  • Initial exploration set off a pit trap which was defeated by the water causing no problem to the party in itself. However the draug undead trapped in the pit below were released to attack the party.
Session 14 (TotB Session 7)

Session 14 (TotB Session 7; 10 iv 2012)

Starday 20 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • After much healing post the troll fight, the party pressed on around noon to confront the flesh golem hound
    • The party’s chosen tactics of ranged attack seemed not to be programmed into the hound, so they took it down with no loss, leaving the bridge free to cross
  • Some of the party got across and reached a locked door into a large mansion
    • Lady Mishka Mohana pulled the door bell eliciting a response but no door opening and then proceeded to pick the lock guarded by Gregor Turcul
    • As the door is then opened a trap was set off releasing a huge air elemental to attack the party
    • An initial confrontation led to a diving into the manse by the pair only there to find some ghastly construct which also set about attacking Mishka and Gregor
    • The fight was joined by brave Shamiid Dantrus
    • The elemental entered the manse and pulled all save Shamiid out and dumped them over the waterfall; this destroyed the construct, battered Gregor unconscious but Mishka was able to feather fall safely down to aid Gregor
    • The witch certainly saved Gregor’s life
    • While the elemental tried to get at Shamiid now in the mansion, Burdan let loose archons to harry and keep the elemental busy; further summoning of birds was made to aid Mishka healing Gregor
    • After getting bored of a stout door and archons, the elemental turned its attention to the Gatehouse where the rest of the party were stalking
    • The other party finally engaged at the end of the combat with brave Delfear not dying probably due to another of Burdan’s summoned creatures taking an attack aimed for him
    • As battered Delfear breathed what might have been his last breaths, the trap’s timer ran out and the elemental disappeared
  • A through search of the manse was made after serious healing and much treasure was found that clearly belonged to a rich nobleman
  • Finally the party retired to sleep

Sunday 21 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • The following morning the party arose to tackle the Alchemy Wing
  • They gingerly crossed the tiny bridge and Mishka aerially reconnoitred the badly damaged building
  • After entering, the party were attacked by three rust monsters and Gregor’s armour was nearly destroyed
  • In the rusted debris the party found a rod of flame extinguishing
Session 13 (TotB Session 6)

Session 13 (TotB Session 6; 27 iii 2012)

Fireday 19 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • Battle with the second hodag completed
  • Later in the day a giant deadfall scorpion surprised the party making Delfear unconscious before he knew the scorpion was there
    • Gregor got grappled and mangled
    • Eventually the party won out, though with much damage to the party
  • Camped for the night

Starday 20 Kuthona 4711

  • After a short travel the party approached the vast Schloss Caromarc
  • They spied 2 trollhounds guarding the gatehouse and approached
  • The trollhounds attacked but the pair were so quickly killed, no one in the Schloss was aware of their arrival
  • After party discussion in front of the castle, however, the trolls inside did become aware and started attacking the party with rocks from the gatehouse towers, though this tactic was pretty ineffective
    • A well placed calm emotions spell from Shamiid took out three of the four trolls
    • Sustained attrition from the party forced the sleepy, calmed trolls to eventually descend where they found a stinking cloud of Mishka’s doing which forced them to open the gates and attempt to take on the party
    • However, the party through their tactics quickly removed the trolls, the three goblin slaves and a further trollhound
  • After a search of the gatehouse, the party pondered what to do about the flesh golem hound guarding the bridge into the Schloss…
Session 12 (TotB Session 5)

Session 12 (TotB Session 5; 20 iii 2012)

Toilday 16 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • Carl and Gregor visited Karl in his home in Lepidstadt and learnt his story of the night Karb Isle Sanctuary was burnt down by the Beast, despite the rest of the party mucking about in Karl’s garden offering ‘helpful hints’ via message
  • Setting off then for the Sanctuary, the party arrived at about 7pm
  • They searched the rubble and found a hole down to a damp cellar
  • On descending, the party was attacked by ghasts and mighty Gregor was paralysed and dragged away to be eaten
  • After dispatching the undead, the party found in the basement, the rubble above and the cemetery: a charred metal box containing papers; some valuable treasure; heads of the good Doctor and his patients; 12 empty graves
  • Returning to Lepidstadt, the party went straight to the Courthouse and the Beast
  • A frightened Gustav Kaple told the party of a mob attack on the Courthouse while they were away and how the place is now guarded like a fortress and the Square cleared
  • For safety from the mighty farmers and shopkeepers with sharpened agricultural implements and rolling pins, the heroes slept the night in the Courthouse

Wealday 17 Kuthona 4711

  • Awoke late to regain their spells but early enough to inform the court of new evidence and to make their final preparations
  • They used speak with dead to question the head of Doctor Brada with three profound and revealing questions along the lines of:
    • Is this a head?
    • Are you a Doctor?
    • Is your name Brada?
  • At 10am all the party entered the court for the last day and heard the Judge’s opening statements and warnings
  • The Chief Justice was followed by Otto’s questioning of Karl and his presentation of more damning evidence against the Beast
  • The Chief Justice ordered the clearing of the Court after a fracas in the Public Galleries started by some some wag making light of the serious nature of court business
  • Burdan led the case for the defence with earth shattering evidence that the hospital had bought some bleach from a bleach factory
  • After this strong start, a cross examination of the prosecution witness elucidated that the Beast was guilty; but was it the Beast in the dock or an impersonator in a skin made to look like the Beast?
  • Finally, another speak with dead spell was applied to the skin stealer’s corpse and more probing questions determined that the corpse was that of Vorkstag and that Vorkstag, not the Beast, had killed the good Doctor!
  • After closing statements from the prosecution and the defence, the judges retired to consider their verdict
  • Chief Justice Khard issued a pronouncement to an empty Court that the Beast was innocent!
    • The mob outside could be heard to turn nasty as the news filtered out
  • The Beast thanked the party for its freedom and invited them to visit him and his ‘father’ in Schloss Caromarc in a few days’ time
    • The Beast was then led out by the Guards and eventually taken secretly into the Dippelmere Swamp to be released
  • Judge Daramid whispered an invitation of her own to visit her the following day
  • The party celebrated their victory with shopping

Oathday 18 Kuthona 4711

  • The party visited Judge Daramid who thanked and congratulated them on seeing justice done
    • She was convinced the Beast was truly innocent, but she concerned he was dangerous and also that he was in danger from the mob
    • The Judge asked the party to visit Schloss Caromarc to express her concerns to its creator
  • In the streets, the party quickly confirmed the Judge’s fears as many groups of vigilantes prepared to hunt the Beast down as well as punish the interfering foreigners who had incredibly hoodwinked the Court
  • The victorious defence party bade farewell to Lepidstadt and set off for Schloss Caromarc around noon
  • Some way out of the city, the party were attacked by a sole wyvern who poisoned Lady Mishka but proved no match for the party
  • A stomping giant rhinoceros beetle next assailed the party but after initial success the party quickly dismantled its carapace

Fireday 19 Kuthona 4711

  • On the 3rd watch, early in the morning just before sunrise, the party was attacked by a ghoul dire wolf that nearly killed Mishka, toppled Gregor and did a lot of damage before the party finally destroyed it
  • At noon-time, the party were attacked by 2 hodag: one battered Gregor badly before being killed and the other mauled Burdan badly. Who shall be the eventual winner?
Session 11 (TotB Session 4)

Session 11 (TotB Session 4; 13 iii 2012)

Moonday 15 Kuthona 4711

  • Party awake early to discover they have made the local press
  • Party go shopping and submit evidence garnered yesterday to the Court
  • Carl DuCanto & Shamiid Dantrus go to the Court to present evidence with Carl in the defence seat.
    • Carl presents evidence from Morast and from the Chymic Works to suspicious judges and baying crowd; maybe some message got through?
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the party spend five hours researching Vrood and Hergstag gaining nothing about the former and some information about the latter
  • The party then visit the Beast to discuss Hergstag amongst other things
  • A visit is made to the sisters who are the only traceable survivors of Hergstag. Party handle in usual professional manner
  • Set off for Hergstag arriving around 7pm in dark
    • Gregor steps in bear trap and a wraith attacks from a hidden cave
      • amazingly no party member takes ability drain and the wraith is destroyed
      • the wraith’s spawn on being empowered to full powered wraiths under their own control then run free into the local woods, to terrorize all the local villages
    • The party search the town and find:
      • more bear traps the hard way,
      • a poor, unloved chapel of Desna (which is looted; the graves of children are dug up; a blood sacrifice is made on the altar and a demon is summoned);
      • a house that seems in better repair than the others which is summarily ransacked;
      • a poor man’s body, which is looted and left to rot;
      • the Beast’s hovel; even this sorry corner is pillaged
  • Around midnight our valiant heroes leave Hergstag arriving back in Lepidstadt some two hours later

Toilday 16 Kuthona 4711

  • 6 hours sleep maximum is gained
  • A polite gnome pays a visit to the Hergstag sisters and learns the preserved house belonged to Karin’s father
  • Carl and Shamiid return to Court before 10am to submit evidence and act in the trial for the prosecution, er, defence
    • this time Shamiid presents evidence with much the same success as Carl the day before only now the crowd are so furious the pair are escorted from the Court by an unwilling bodyguard
  • Meanwhile, the rest gather some information about the Karb Isle Sanctuary
Session 10 (TotB Session 3)

Session 10 (TotB Session 3)

Sunday 14 Kuthona 4711 (continued)

  • Party searches Morast Boneyard finding treasure and possible clues
  • Party leaves villagers of Morast in mixed mood after a modicum of apology
  • Return to Spiral Cromlech
  • Spend some time in Lepidstadt’s Surgeon’s Flats area tracing the surgeon’s tools found in Morast to Vorkstag and Grine’s Chymic Works
  • Break into Chymic Works and Gregor is attacked by a powerful flesh golem hound in the Courtyard
  • Party fight 3 mongrelmen in the Storage area and find an old nag in the Stables
  • Gregor climbs up into the Loading Bay and the party follow entering the main part of the factory together
  • Mongrelmen can be seen working below creating acid and bleach in huge vats in a basement level
  • Party confronts Grine who turns out to be a dark creeper cleric of Norgorber
  • Gregor investigates the factory tower and is attacked by snapjaw homunculi
  • Burdan disguises himself effectively as Grine and tells the mongrelmen to get back to work and pays a visit to Vorkstag who is taken in [100 bonus XP for this innovative use of skills]
  • Party surprise Vorkstag and kill him
  • Party find a ‘Cabinet of Skins and Faces’ in a well locked cupboard and a secret compartment within the cupboard
  • Party leave Chymic Works and post a note to Judge Daramid about their discovery before retiring
  • Daramid sends word to Kaple who calls out the guard
  • Courthouse Guard and City Guard combine to raid the Chymic Works during the night
  • Guards kill mongrelmen who resist and arrest others; Guard destroys zombies; Guard and Kaple catalogue all items found; Kaple orders all bodies, prisoners and items to be loaded on carts and transferred to the Courthouse
Session 9 (TotB Session 2)

Session 9 (TotB Session 2)

Fireday 12 Kuthona 4711 (continued)

Starday 13 Kuthona 4711

  • Arrive at Lepidstadt around noon with Crooked Kin and there meet Shamiid Dantrus, who has been greatly missed by the party
  • Party decides to accept the offer of the Crooked Kin to pitch camp with them at the Spiral Cromlech just on the edge of the city
  • PCs head to the University to meet Dr Crowl who takes the books from the Professor gratefully
  • PCs visit the scene of the Beast’s crime, hear of the theft of the Seasage Effigy, and make certain deductions
  • PCs annoy the University Guard Sergeant
  • PCs visit Judge Embreth Daramid to hand over her book from the Professor
  • PCS gain reward for carrying out the stipulations of the Professor’s will
  • Daramid requests the PCs’ aid in helping ensure the Beast of Lepidstadt gets a fair trial and the PCs agree and gain expenses for so doing
  • The trial has already started and Embreth is a judge; the populace want revenge for all the Beast’s killings
  • PCs visit the Lepidstadt Courthouse and declare their intention to act for the Defence; laughing guards point them at Barrister Kaple
  • Kaple explains about the case and the rules of the court suggesting they find evidence and present it at court starting with Morast
  • Kaple introduces the PCs to the Beast of Lepidstadt. Burdan makes friends with the Beast
  • PCs retire to the Spiral Cromlech

Sunday 14 Kuthona 4711

  • PCs set off early for the village of Morast in the swamps
  • PCs arrive at blighted village of sad, mourning folk and treat them with respect
  • One PC opens with spell casting on seeing the first scared villagers
  • Villagers react to defend themselves from large party of well equipped bandits that have come to attack village
  • Party members pour oil on troubled waters and deal with the honest mistake sensibly through discussion
    • ‘Yet these are foul people who are holding up a legitimate investigation held by their betters. How dare they question a priest of Pharasma about her investigation into this business.’
  • Some divinely provident wind blows across the scene and all seems to sort itself out
  • Villagers happily explain what happened
  • Villagers take PCs for a coracle ride to the boneyard where the assault by the village on the Beast happened
  • Party attacked as disembark by pair of manticores
    • 2 party members quickly get knocked down but the party prevails and finds some treasure
Session 8 (TotB Session 1)

Session 8 (TotB Session 1)

Sunday 16 Neth to Sunday 7 Kuthona 4711

Please see previous adventure log

Moonday 8 Kuthona 4711

Toilday 9 Kuthona 4711

  • Continue travelling
  • Attacked by 3 dire wolves
  • Towards evening encounter Tamrivena Guard column and annoy them rotten
    • Nearly attacked until party’s deputy status in the Palatinate County is discovered
    • Tamrivena Guard leave in disgust and will write to the Sheriff of Ravengro (when he determines the man’s name) about his useless deputies

Wealday 10 Kuthona 4711

  • Continue travelling
  • Arrive at Tamrivena
  • Some visit the ecumenical shrine; some puzzle the priests

Oathday 11 Kuthona 4711

  • Continue travelling
  • Attacked by an Belkzen orc raiding party: Orc skoll and his worg; 2 orogs and their skeletal ogre uncle
  • Arrive at Courtaud
  • Visit Guard to hand in orc heads and thanked by Captain
  • Celebrate Cayden Cailean’s Ascension Day by drinking at the expense of the city

Fireday 12 Kuthona 4711

  • Continue travelling
  • Towards evening meet The Crooked Kin
  • In searching for missing Aleece, party is attacked by 2 phase spiders who had earlier killed Aleece
  • Found treasure in the phase spiders’ lair and the body of Aleece
  • After returning the body, the leader of the Kin gives the party a powerful dagger as a reward and requests the party accompanies the Kin to Lepidstadt
  • Party is joined by Shamiid Dantrus
Post Harrowstone

Post Harrowstone

Party individually perform a number of actions while waiting for their month in Ravengro to end:


Has realised that all undead must go. This can only be done by using the weapons of the enemy against themselves, so aside from deputy duties, he spends time:

-tidying the restland using his grave digger skill

-studying with who ever will put up with him on on matters of religion, the void between planes, undead and geography of the area

-he knows orcs of Belkzen are often swayed by the whispering way so he relishes his deputy / orc hunt duties with gusto.

-some incidental reading about leipistadt shows it has both a great university which may further his study in bringing about the return of the elder gods (it being a place of maths, science and workings of the mortal and immortal) , + the closest gnome population (his brother is a wizard and did spend some town in that town), so burdan is as engaged and jolly as he will ever get

-knowing the failings of pharasma, likely they will execute and bury this beast with the abject failure he is now used too, so he hopes we get to Leipistadt in time to show them how to do it correctly.

-in my down time i growl an point at the in-bred in-grats, and wonder if i would have been better to take the Pyrotechnic gnome alternate trait rather than the words based one ……


Will participate in hunting the orcs, but not with any great blood lust. Will do so in the hope that perhaps one or two might be found that can be converted to the path of light? Refusal to accept this opportunity will result in death, as will any duplicity or treachery or feigned conversion (changes in alignment can be checked).

Hopefully he can blow some of his money on a Cloak of Res +1 (with 5% discount?).

He will spend the time working in the Church, obviously not qualified to perform the rites of Pharasma but can do healing etc. I am sure that an extra caster with Mending and Make Whole would also be of use in an agrarian community?

Last thing is, he needs to tithe. He has gained something over 6000 gp in items and cash, so 600 gp is owing. He proposes giving half to the Church of Pharasma in Ravengro and half to the Temple of Iomedae in Lepistadt (or nearest allied religion).


Mundane things and orc tracking.


He will relish the hunting of Orcs and is eager to test his fighting prowess again such vicious foes.

When not hunting Orcs, he will be working on the local farms and businesses to pay back the money they paid out for his reward.

He will also have a quiet chat with the Councillor Vashian about his boasts, making sure that no one see him. He will not physically hurt him, he will just remind him that Liars are often found out and bad things usually result from it.

Lady Mishka

Lady Mishka having decided not to purchase the Morningstar from the church has invested in a large wagon suitably attired for a fortuntelling lady of status. She has also invested in a large tent for the forthcoming journey so that the ladies might at least be suitably accomodated.

She will continue to press Kendra to accompany her to the city with her Fathers chest so that she might realise her dream of studying there.

The Orcs do not really interest Mishka, but she would not be seen to let her friends down (even the hag) so she will accompany them on the outings. She will however do a private harrowing about it before she departs. (Jason- shall I do this and mail you the results prior to the game?)

Mishka would also like to do a harrowing for the party before the main journey so that they are well prepared before they depart to adventures unknown.


Shamiid has private business to deal with and joins the party only in Lepidstadt


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