Carrion Crown (Derby)

Post Harrowstone

Post Harrowstone

Party individually perform a number of actions while waiting for their month in Ravengro to end:


Has realised that all undead must go. This can only be done by using the weapons of the enemy against themselves, so aside from deputy duties, he spends time:

-tidying the restland using his grave digger skill

-studying with who ever will put up with him on on matters of religion, the void between planes, undead and geography of the area

-he knows orcs of Belkzen are often swayed by the whispering way so he relishes his deputy / orc hunt duties with gusto.

-some incidental reading about leipistadt shows it has both a great university which may further his study in bringing about the return of the elder gods (it being a place of maths, science and workings of the mortal and immortal) , + the closest gnome population (his brother is a wizard and did spend some town in that town), so burdan is as engaged and jolly as he will ever get

-knowing the failings of pharasma, likely they will execute and bury this beast with the abject failure he is now used too, so he hopes we get to Leipistadt in time to show them how to do it correctly.

-in my down time i growl an point at the in-bred in-grats, and wonder if i would have been better to take the Pyrotechnic gnome alternate trait rather than the words based one ……


Will participate in hunting the orcs, but not with any great blood lust. Will do so in the hope that perhaps one or two might be found that can be converted to the path of light? Refusal to accept this opportunity will result in death, as will any duplicity or treachery or feigned conversion (changes in alignment can be checked).

Hopefully he can blow some of his money on a Cloak of Res +1 (with 5% discount?).

He will spend the time working in the Church, obviously not qualified to perform the rites of Pharasma but can do healing etc. I am sure that an extra caster with Mending and Make Whole would also be of use in an agrarian community?

Last thing is, he needs to tithe. He has gained something over 6000 gp in items and cash, so 600 gp is owing. He proposes giving half to the Church of Pharasma in Ravengro and half to the Temple of Iomedae in Lepistadt (or nearest allied religion).


Mundane things and orc tracking.


He will relish the hunting of Orcs and is eager to test his fighting prowess again such vicious foes.

When not hunting Orcs, he will be working on the local farms and businesses to pay back the money they paid out for his reward.

He will also have a quiet chat with the Councillor Vashian about his boasts, making sure that no one see him. He will not physically hurt him, he will just remind him that Liars are often found out and bad things usually result from it.

Lady Mishka

Lady Mishka having decided not to purchase the Morningstar from the church has invested in a large wagon suitably attired for a fortuntelling lady of status. She has also invested in a large tent for the forthcoming journey so that the ladies might at least be suitably accomodated.

She will continue to press Kendra to accompany her to the city with her Fathers chest so that she might realise her dream of studying there.

The Orcs do not really interest Mishka, but she would not be seen to let her friends down (even the hag) so she will accompany them on the outings. She will however do a private harrowing about it before she departs. (Jason- shall I do this and mail you the results prior to the game?)

Mishka would also like to do a harrowing for the party before the main journey so that they are well prepared before they depart to adventures unknown.


Shamiid has private business to deal with and joins the party only in Lepidstadt



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