Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 10 (TotB Session 3)

Session 10 (TotB Session 3)

Sunday 14 Kuthona 4711 (continued)

  • Party searches Morast Boneyard finding treasure and possible clues
  • Party leaves villagers of Morast in mixed mood after a modicum of apology
  • Return to Spiral Cromlech
  • Spend some time in Lepidstadt’s Surgeon’s Flats area tracing the surgeon’s tools found in Morast to Vorkstag and Grine’s Chymic Works
  • Break into Chymic Works and Gregor is attacked by a powerful flesh golem hound in the Courtyard
  • Party fight 3 mongrelmen in the Storage area and find an old nag in the Stables
  • Gregor climbs up into the Loading Bay and the party follow entering the main part of the factory together
  • Mongrelmen can be seen working below creating acid and bleach in huge vats in a basement level
  • Party confronts Grine who turns out to be a dark creeper cleric of Norgorber
  • Gregor investigates the factory tower and is attacked by snapjaw homunculi
  • Burdan disguises himself effectively as Grine and tells the mongrelmen to get back to work and pays a visit to Vorkstag who is taken in [100 bonus XP for this innovative use of skills]
  • Party surprise Vorkstag and kill him
  • Party find a ‘Cabinet of Skins and Faces’ in a well locked cupboard and a secret compartment within the cupboard
  • Party leave Chymic Works and post a note to Judge Daramid about their discovery before retiring
  • Daramid sends word to Kaple who calls out the guard
  • Courthouse Guard and City Guard combine to raid the Chymic Works during the night
  • Guards kill mongrelmen who resist and arrest others; Guard destroys zombies; Guard and Kaple catalogue all items found; Kaple orders all bodies, prisoners and items to be loaded on carts and transferred to the Courthouse



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