Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 11 (TotB Session 4)

Session 11 (TotB Session 4; 13 iii 2012)

Moonday 15 Kuthona 4711

  • Party awake early to discover they have made the local press
  • Party go shopping and submit evidence garnered yesterday to the Court
  • Carl DuCanto & Shamiid Dantrus go to the Court to present evidence with Carl in the defence seat.
    • Carl presents evidence from Morast and from the Chymic Works to suspicious judges and baying crowd; maybe some message got through?
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the party spend five hours researching Vrood and Hergstag gaining nothing about the former and some information about the latter
  • The party then visit the Beast to discuss Hergstag amongst other things
  • A visit is made to the sisters who are the only traceable survivors of Hergstag. Party handle in usual professional manner
  • Set off for Hergstag arriving around 7pm in dark
    • Gregor steps in bear trap and a wraith attacks from a hidden cave
      • amazingly no party member takes ability drain and the wraith is destroyed
      • the wraith’s spawn on being empowered to full powered wraiths under their own control then run free into the local woods, to terrorize all the local villages
    • The party search the town and find:
      • more bear traps the hard way,
      • a poor, unloved chapel of Desna (which is looted; the graves of children are dug up; a blood sacrifice is made on the altar and a demon is summoned);
      • a house that seems in better repair than the others which is summarily ransacked;
      • a poor man’s body, which is looted and left to rot;
      • the Beast’s hovel; even this sorry corner is pillaged
  • Around midnight our valiant heroes leave Hergstag arriving back in Lepidstadt some two hours later

Toilday 16 Kuthona 4711

  • 6 hours sleep maximum is gained
  • A polite gnome pays a visit to the Hergstag sisters and learns the preserved house belonged to Karin’s father
  • Carl and Shamiid return to Court before 10am to submit evidence and act in the trial for the prosecution, er, defence
    • this time Shamiid presents evidence with much the same success as Carl the day before only now the crowd are so furious the pair are escorted from the Court by an unwilling bodyguard
  • Meanwhile, the rest gather some information about the Karb Isle Sanctuary



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