Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 12 (TotB Session 5)

Session 12 (TotB Session 5; 20 iii 2012)

Toilday 16 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • Carl and Gregor visited Karl in his home in Lepidstadt and learnt his story of the night Karb Isle Sanctuary was burnt down by the Beast, despite the rest of the party mucking about in Karl’s garden offering ‘helpful hints’ via message
  • Setting off then for the Sanctuary, the party arrived at about 7pm
  • They searched the rubble and found a hole down to a damp cellar
  • On descending, the party was attacked by ghasts and mighty Gregor was paralysed and dragged away to be eaten
  • After dispatching the undead, the party found in the basement, the rubble above and the cemetery: a charred metal box containing papers; some valuable treasure; heads of the good Doctor and his patients; 12 empty graves
  • Returning to Lepidstadt, the party went straight to the Courthouse and the Beast
  • A frightened Gustav Kaple told the party of a mob attack on the Courthouse while they were away and how the place is now guarded like a fortress and the Square cleared
  • For safety from the mighty farmers and shopkeepers with sharpened agricultural implements and rolling pins, the heroes slept the night in the Courthouse

Wealday 17 Kuthona 4711

  • Awoke late to regain their spells but early enough to inform the court of new evidence and to make their final preparations
  • They used speak with dead to question the head of Doctor Brada with three profound and revealing questions along the lines of:
    • Is this a head?
    • Are you a Doctor?
    • Is your name Brada?
  • At 10am all the party entered the court for the last day and heard the Judge’s opening statements and warnings
  • The Chief Justice was followed by Otto’s questioning of Karl and his presentation of more damning evidence against the Beast
  • The Chief Justice ordered the clearing of the Court after a fracas in the Public Galleries started by some some wag making light of the serious nature of court business
  • Burdan led the case for the defence with earth shattering evidence that the hospital had bought some bleach from a bleach factory
  • After this strong start, a cross examination of the prosecution witness elucidated that the Beast was guilty; but was it the Beast in the dock or an impersonator in a skin made to look like the Beast?
  • Finally, another speak with dead spell was applied to the skin stealer’s corpse and more probing questions determined that the corpse was that of Vorkstag and that Vorkstag, not the Beast, had killed the good Doctor!
  • After closing statements from the prosecution and the defence, the judges retired to consider their verdict
  • Chief Justice Khard issued a pronouncement to an empty Court that the Beast was innocent!
    • The mob outside could be heard to turn nasty as the news filtered out
  • The Beast thanked the party for its freedom and invited them to visit him and his ‘father’ in Schloss Caromarc in a few days’ time
    • The Beast was then led out by the Guards and eventually taken secretly into the Dippelmere Swamp to be released
  • Judge Daramid whispered an invitation of her own to visit her the following day
  • The party celebrated their victory with shopping

Oathday 18 Kuthona 4711

  • The party visited Judge Daramid who thanked and congratulated them on seeing justice done
    • She was convinced the Beast was truly innocent, but she concerned he was dangerous and also that he was in danger from the mob
    • The Judge asked the party to visit Schloss Caromarc to express her concerns to its creator
  • In the streets, the party quickly confirmed the Judge’s fears as many groups of vigilantes prepared to hunt the Beast down as well as punish the interfering foreigners who had incredibly hoodwinked the Court
  • The victorious defence party bade farewell to Lepidstadt and set off for Schloss Caromarc around noon
  • Some way out of the city, the party were attacked by a sole wyvern who poisoned Lady Mishka but proved no match for the party
  • A stomping giant rhinoceros beetle next assailed the party but after initial success the party quickly dismantled its carapace

Fireday 19 Kuthona 4711

  • On the 3rd watch, early in the morning just before sunrise, the party was attacked by a ghoul dire wolf that nearly killed Mishka, toppled Gregor and did a lot of damage before the party finally destroyed it
  • At noon-time, the party were attacked by 2 hodag: one battered Gregor badly before being killed and the other mauled Burdan badly. Who shall be the eventual winner?



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