Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 13 (TotB Session 6)

Session 13 (TotB Session 6; 27 iii 2012)

Fireday 19 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • Battle with the second hodag completed
  • Later in the day a giant deadfall scorpion surprised the party making Delfear unconscious before he knew the scorpion was there
    • Gregor got grappled and mangled
    • Eventually the party won out, though with much damage to the party
  • Camped for the night

Starday 20 Kuthona 4711

  • After a short travel the party approached the vast Schloss Caromarc
  • They spied 2 trollhounds guarding the gatehouse and approached
  • The trollhounds attacked but the pair were so quickly killed, no one in the Schloss was aware of their arrival
  • After party discussion in front of the castle, however, the trolls inside did become aware and started attacking the party with rocks from the gatehouse towers, though this tactic was pretty ineffective
    • A well placed calm emotions spell from Shamiid took out three of the four trolls
    • Sustained attrition from the party forced the sleepy, calmed trolls to eventually descend where they found a stinking cloud of Mishka’s doing which forced them to open the gates and attempt to take on the party
    • However, the party through their tactics quickly removed the trolls, the three goblin slaves and a further trollhound
  • After a search of the gatehouse, the party pondered what to do about the flesh golem hound guarding the bridge into the Schloss…



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