Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 14 (TotB Session 7)

Session 14 (TotB Session 7; 10 iv 2012)

Starday 20 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • After much healing post the troll fight, the party pressed on around noon to confront the flesh golem hound
    • The party’s chosen tactics of ranged attack seemed not to be programmed into the hound, so they took it down with no loss, leaving the bridge free to cross
  • Some of the party got across and reached a locked door into a large mansion
    • Lady Mishka Mohana pulled the door bell eliciting a response but no door opening and then proceeded to pick the lock guarded by Gregor Turcul
    • As the door is then opened a trap was set off releasing a huge air elemental to attack the party
    • An initial confrontation led to a diving into the manse by the pair only there to find some ghastly construct which also set about attacking Mishka and Gregor
    • The fight was joined by brave Shamiid Dantrus
    • The elemental entered the manse and pulled all save Shamiid out and dumped them over the waterfall; this destroyed the construct, battered Gregor unconscious but Mishka was able to feather fall safely down to aid Gregor
    • The witch certainly saved Gregor’s life
    • While the elemental tried to get at Shamiid now in the mansion, Burdan let loose archons to harry and keep the elemental busy; further summoning of birds was made to aid Mishka healing Gregor
    • After getting bored of a stout door and archons, the elemental turned its attention to the Gatehouse where the rest of the party were stalking
    • The other party finally engaged at the end of the combat with brave Delfear not dying probably due to another of Burdan’s summoned creatures taking an attack aimed for him
    • As battered Delfear breathed what might have been his last breaths, the trap’s timer ran out and the elemental disappeared
  • A through search of the manse was made after serious healing and much treasure was found that clearly belonged to a rich nobleman
  • Finally the party retired to sleep

Sunday 21 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • The following morning the party arose to tackle the Alchemy Wing
  • They gingerly crossed the tiny bridge and Mishka aerially reconnoitred the badly damaged building
  • After entering, the party were attacked by three rust monsters and Gregor’s armour was nearly destroyed
  • In the rusted debris the party found a rod of flame extinguishing



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