Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 15 (TotB Session 8)

Session 15 (TotB Session 8; 17 iv 2012)

Sunday 21 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • The party, having finished the blasted Alchemy Wing, checked the rope bridge across the the Living Museum
    • A conjuration was found on the bridge and the party feared another summoned monster in precarious circumstances
    • Cowering in the Manse, they let loose a menagerie of their own conjured creatures which were quickly defeated by the summoned erinyes, who sought out the party but failed to find them before the summons expired
  • Quickly crossing the bridge, the party arrived on the broken abutment in front of the door to the Living Museum
  • The lobby of the museum had brass plaques describing the rooms beyond and the party decided to explore the ‘Beasts of Dark Reputation’ exhibit room first
    • A coffin opened shortly after the party arrived and an ancient mummy got out while a cowering mimic also joined the fight
    • Gregor was afflicted with mummy rot
    • Once the fight ended, a few moments later, the museum’s guardian – a faceless flesh golem escorted by six humunculi – arrived to attack the intruders
  • Next the party explored the ‘Things of the Land’ and the ‘Things of the Sea’ exhibits and found a secret door leading up to the second floor
  • Instead of going up, the party descended to the place from which the golem had arrived and found a room marked the ‘Secret Curios’ which held 3 opaque jars, still unopened
  • Finally ascending, the party found ‘Things of the Air’ and an attic storeroom in which they found three shrieking medusa heads in a box
  • As Gregor went up to the tower, he set off an acid fog trap
  • that was enough for one day and the party rested with Burdan, Carl and Delfaer levelling over night
  • The evening being the Ritual of Stardust for those of the Desnan faith, Lady Mishka Mohana was blessed by her goddess with good fortune for the following day

Moonday 22 Kuthona 4711

  • Next morning the party attended to Gregor’s woes: mending his armour and curing the mummy rot
  • Ascending the hard climb, the party started the day’s adventuring in the building high above barging the door open and finding it flooded with water
  • Initial exploration set off a pit trap which was defeated by the water causing no problem to the party in itself. However the draug undead trapped in the pit below were released to attack the party.



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