Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 16 (TotB Session 9)

Session 16 (TotB Session 9; 24 iv 2012)

Moonday 22 Kuthona 4711 (cont…)

  • Pushing on into the south-eastern tower, the party were confronted with a bizarre basilisk
  • Beyond there, in the north-eastern tower, the party were surprised by a black pudding landing on them
  • Deciding to head straight to the isolated tower, the party ascended to an upper corridor then across a high bridge over to the target Lightning Tower
  • Entering the tower, the party were attacked by a girallon flesh golem
  • Climbing the stairs to the next floor up, the party were greeted by Waxwood, the homunculus, who tried to mime to them about the imprisonment of the Count in the room above and the presence of the Aberrant Promethean; it also tried to teach the party about the Bondslave Thrall
    • With this information, Carl & Lady Mishka flew up to the top of the tower and determined how to use the Bondslave Thrall and the Storm Caller, though alerting the Aberrant Promethean to their whereabouts
  • A large battle was engaged with the party attacking the Aberrant Promethean while Carl and Mishka called for the aid of the Beast of Lepidstadt
    • Gregor was mauled
    • The Beast turned up and aided the party in defeating the Aberrant Promethean
  • The party released the nearly dead Count and heard his story
    • He had been trying to resurrect his wife and dead son and had experimented widely creating many abominations
    • For not looting his home, proving the Beast of Lepidstadt innocent, keeping his story quiet and agreeing to right the wrongs of the Whispering Way, the Count provided the party with a banker’s cheque for 3,000 gp and some magic items
    • The Count also told of the attack on the Schloss by the Whispering Way and their probable onward travel into the Shudderwood and maybe to Ascanor Lodge
  • The party tidied up the rest of the unexplored areas finding other strange creatures, traps and evidence of the Whispering Way

Toilday 23 & Wealday 24 Kuthona 4711

  • Returned to Lepidstadt

Oathday 25 Kuthona 4711

  • The party met Judge Daramid and make a report
    • Daramid congratulated the party for their effective work
    • She asked the party to agree to a ruse to make out that the Beast of Lepidstadt has been killed in the swamp for she fears what the mob might yet do and how many of them might die in the swamp searching for the Beast; the party agreed and she promised to ensure the Count never lets the Beast leave his care again
    • She revealed her membership of the secret society called the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, which defends Ustalav from threats
    • In this capacity, she asked the party to track down the Whispering Way whose theft of the Seasage Effigy is still not understood and offered a reward of 6,000 gp which the party accepted
  • Shamiid’s conscience could not let her leave the tale this way so she privately visited the Cathedral of Pharasma and informed the church leadership of the Count’s secret experiments; the church is astonished



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