Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 9 (TotB Session 2)

Session 9 (TotB Session 2)

Fireday 12 Kuthona 4711 (continued)

Starday 13 Kuthona 4711

  • Arrive at Lepidstadt around noon with Crooked Kin and there meet Shamiid Dantrus, who has been greatly missed by the party
  • Party decides to accept the offer of the Crooked Kin to pitch camp with them at the Spiral Cromlech just on the edge of the city
  • PCs head to the University to meet Dr Crowl who takes the books from the Professor gratefully
  • PCs visit the scene of the Beast’s crime, hear of the theft of the Seasage Effigy, and make certain deductions
  • PCs annoy the University Guard Sergeant
  • PCs visit Judge Embreth Daramid to hand over her book from the Professor
  • PCS gain reward for carrying out the stipulations of the Professor’s will
  • Daramid requests the PCs’ aid in helping ensure the Beast of Lepidstadt gets a fair trial and the PCs agree and gain expenses for so doing
  • The trial has already started and Embreth is a judge; the populace want revenge for all the Beast’s killings
  • PCs visit the Lepidstadt Courthouse and declare their intention to act for the Defence; laughing guards point them at Barrister Kaple
  • Kaple explains about the case and the rules of the court suggesting they find evidence and present it at court starting with Morast
  • Kaple introduces the PCs to the Beast of Lepidstadt. Burdan makes friends with the Beast
  • PCs retire to the Spiral Cromlech

Sunday 14 Kuthona 4711

  • PCs set off early for the village of Morast in the swamps
  • PCs arrive at blighted village of sad, mourning folk and treat them with respect
  • One PC opens with spell casting on seeing the first scared villagers
  • Villagers react to defend themselves from large party of well equipped bandits that have come to attack village
  • Party members pour oil on troubled waters and deal with the honest mistake sensibly through discussion
    • ‘Yet these are foul people who are holding up a legitimate investigation held by their betters. How dare they question a priest of Pharasma about her investigation into this business.’
  • Some divinely provident wind blows across the scene and all seems to sort itself out
  • Villagers happily explain what happened
  • Villagers take PCs for a coracle ride to the boneyard where the assault by the village on the Beast happened
  • Party attacked as disembark by pair of manticores
    • 2 party members quickly get knocked down but the party prevails and finds some treasure



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