Quiet, Subtle, Creepy, Other-worldliness, Cold


LEVEL 6. he now wields potent summoning magic, and is mastering necromancey.He is more convinced that the mortal gods of today will never bring greater glory and it is too elder things he must put his faith and pledge his shattered soul….. He is now a dedicated hunter of the undead, using darkness against darkness, and deep and ancient knowledge.

He also likes being party tank

STARTING Standing less than 3 feet tall

Wrapped totally in black bandages and buried beneath a purple cloak decorated in the strange illegible sigils.

He bears a shield with a tentacled entity on it.

The shield has a small hole in it


In his past he underwent a terrible and tragic accident that enervated and shattered his body…

Only a machine of the professor saved him (hence his trait).

He has been away from Ustalav for 2 years. he went home but didnt fit the frolicky gnome way of life.

He is very sad the prof has died, but what spirit he has, is raised by returning to this strange land. As his soul is nearly gone it has made him virtually immune to fear, and he feels the place holds many answers…..

He has taken to eating the ears of his enemies, and is looking forward to arriving in Leipastadt as his brother, Kurdan, works at the university. Kurdan is a scholar of the dark arts, and has a book he thinks Burdan will be most interested in…and he thinks he has a cure for some of Burdans afflictions.

He likes Leipastadt, the inhabitants are bonkers


Carrion Crown (Derby) thenovalord