Lady Mishka Mohana

An attractive minor noble woman of Varisian blood. Gifted with the ability to tell fortunes.


Str 10
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 18
Wis 10
Cha 14

Fort +2
Reflex +2
Will +2

AC 12
HP 8
Init +3


Lady Mishka Mohana was born of noble bloodline and has the baring and a noble beauty of someone high born, however she has turned her back on that way of life to pursue another. Through her following of Desna and her teachings, Mishka has discovered an ability for fortuntelling and seeing into the future. She has become very skilled in the using of a Harrow Deck for the benefit of her fellow travellers for that is what she has become. Moving from place to place seeking to enjoy life and help friends along the way. She shuns the ways of those who would use dark powers and is against Hags and their corrupt spawn. Her powers are growing and that was how she ended up on the payroll of the Professor after he saw her potential and took an interest in her abilities.
She keeps herself aloof, never truly getting close to anyone other than her cat, Gresbo, who is her constant companion. It is said that she likes the company of women as well as men, especially if they are of Elven blood, but this is only rumour as she is very private about her feelings. She is honourable, but to her standards and her rules, though you would feel that she could never really mean you ill unless you crossed her first of course.

Lady Mishka Mohana

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