Carrion Crown (Derby)

Session 7

Session 7

Starday 15 Neth 4711 (continued again)

  • Run (some faster than others) to Vesorianna and hand over the warden’s badge of authority
    • She is pleased and no longer being weakened but senses one last major evil presence that would need destroying before the prison could be totally cleansed
  • Loot warden’s safe
  • Gregor wants nothing but his precious handaxe
  • Return to Ravengro and visit:
  • Attend Council meeting in Town Hall
    • Fire breaks out and burning skulls attack
    • Party helps save townsfolk and town hall
    • Party offered 500 gp each to solve problem once and for all

Sunday 16 Neth 4711

  • Gregor damaged by the curse of the handaxe but still does not want to relinquish it
  • Return to Harrowstone
  • Explore southern guardroom and loot warden’s kit from the Nevermore
  • Gregor afflicted by Mourning Maiden haunt
  • Head north and are attacked by headless burning skeleton of Gurtis Vortch
  • Enter the Oubliette and fight the Lopper
    • Gregor’s handaxe is effective against the Lopper and becomes uncursed when the Lopper is destroyed
  • Return to Vesorianna who thanks the party and cleanses the whole of Harrowstone lifting an oppressive gloom over the area
  • Final search of Harrowstone
  • Return to Ravengro for tea and medals
  • Sell lots of stuff and buy nice shiny items
session 6

Session 6

Starday 15 Neth 4711 (continued)

  • Went west from Central Dungeon Chamber and explored Western Guard Room with winch for portcullis barring the western passage
  • Entered Captain’s Office south of Western Guard Room and encountered screaming skulls and the haunt of the Mosswater Marauder
    • Found secret emergency cache in the room
  • Retreated upstairs to reattempt door into Hidden Vault and Gregor Turcul smashed it down revealing a small room with 5 special items
    • Party burnt the spellbook
    • Gregor the two-handed fighter really loves the little hand axe found – the only sensible weapon from now on – tink
  • Tried smashing trick on the safe in the Warden’s Office – things inside broke
  • Back in the dungeon passed through the cells of the Reaper’s Hold
  • Entered large torture chamber
    • Found Warden’s mutilated body, his keys and badge of office plus fought his hands
    • Strange iron maiden inhabits the room too
  • Found a secret door in the torture room which led to a secret passageway inhabited by a grey ooze
  • Entered the Nevermore through the secret passageway
    • Confronted by a haunt of the Splatter Man which wrote names of the party in blood on the walls
    • In destroying this haunt the roof and walls partially collapsed
    • Encountered the Splatter Man who nearly destroyed the party
      • Lady Mishka Mohana ran away to Vesorianna
      • Most peppered with MMs
      • Gregor dropped
      • Shamiid Dantrus valiantly fought on facing death but finally killed the Splatter Man allowing the others to escape after restoring Gregor to a paltry few hit points with a potion
      • Party fled to Vesorianna
Session 5

Session 5

Fireday 14 Neth 4711 (continued yet again)

  • Party levels bar Gregor

Starday 15 Neth 4711

  • Post boy reports no happenings at the Harrowstone Memorial
  • Return to Harrowstone
  • Find and study the runes around the prison
  • Find a property room with a fair bit of treasure and weaponry plus a locked secret door
  • Cold haunted auditorium
  • Training room where get attacked by flaming skulls and skeletons
  • Descend to Hell’s Basement and greeted by Ectoplasmic Humans
  • Enter the Central Dungeon Chamber and attacked by 3 old guards
Session 4

Session 4

Fireday 14 Neth 4711 (continued)

  • Pluck up courage
  • Search all upper level of Harrowstone:
    • Guard Post; Mess Hall (& stirge nests); Privy; Western Cellblock; Kitchen; Eastern Cellblock
    • Gregor Turcul afflicted by the ghost of Father Charlatan after opening roof hatch and being battered by falling masonry from Upper Balcony (giant stirge nest)
  • Descend to ground floor by stairway:
    • Find collapsed stairway going further down
    • Clear out web and spider infested Chapel of Pharasma
    • Attacked by manacles in the Induction Chamber
    • Find privy and attacked by an animated straitjacket in the Laundry
    • Meet ghost of Vesorianna Hawkran in Workshop and learn much
    • Attacked by ghostly brands in the Branding Room
    • Plagued by poltergeist in the Infirmary and find some treasure
    • Quiesce the haunt of Old Ember Maw in the Furnace Room and throw lots of stones in the lake
    • Trapped and escape from Haunted Foyer
    • Discover secrets of 2 prisoners in the Offices
    • Find a locked safe in the Warden’s Office and the Guard’s Washrooms
  • Leave Harrowstone and return to the home of Kendra Lorrimor with heads held high
Session 3

Session 3

Moonday 10 Neth 4711 (continued)

  • Fled from Harrowstone prison but attacked by 2 giant stirges on the way out
  • Whimpered into Temple of Pharasma demanding succour for wounds, ability damage and diseases

Toilday 11 Neth 4711

  • Diseases worsen; party starts slate at Temple of Pharasma
  • Shamiid Dantrus sees vanishing tracks on her trip to the Restlands
  • Party blurts out about Professor’s diary
    • Benjan Caeller, the Sheriff, asks to look at diary
    • Party refuses and attempts to lie
    • Sheriff orders handing over of diary
    • Party obeys
  • Gregor Turcul & Delfaer help church to mend the Restlands in lieu of payment of debts
  • Further research made at temple

Wealday 12 Neth 4711

  • Early in the morning a blood-written ‘E’ appears on the Harrowstone Memorial; Sheriff & cleaning parties arrive shortly after dawn
  • More diseases dealt with; more debt
  • A Harrowing is performed by Lady Mishka Mohana
    • Harrow deck explodes blinding some of the party who see and hear a vision
  • Party attacked in the streets by drunks who are actually zombies
    • Trace zombie footsteps back to Restlands where meet Father Grimburrow & Sheriff
    • Notice the risings are from newer graves than the skeletons
  • Sheriff then takes them to the Harrowstone Memorial in afternoon
    • Party’s expert tracking and searching finds large ‘E’ in sheep blood on Memorial
    • Cleaning party cleans Memorial finally
  • More research including about the prisoners of Harrowstone prison

Oathday 13 Neth 4711

  • More treating of diseases; more debt
  • More research

Fireday 14 Neth 4711

  • More treating of diseases; more debt
  • Temple starts work on annex
  • Finally party returns to Harrowstone
    • investigate front door
    • darkness inside scares party
    • decide to go back to where the monsters were the previous time and hunt for treasure
      • find none
Session 2

Session 2

Sunday 9 Neth 4711 (continued)

Moonday 10 Neth 4711

  • Carl DuCanto & Shamiid Dantrus visted the grave of Petros Lorrimor
  • Party went to Harrowstone
    • attacked by large beetle
    • assailed in the mind as entered through the gates
    • nearly circumnavigated the prison building including cesspit and Warden’s House
    • swarm of rats in a tower
    • attacked by executioner’s scythe on the west balcony
    • entered top floor of prison and encountered mournful dirge haunt, stirges and skeleton prisoners
    • most of party are diseased and have their Constitution damaged
Session 1

Derby’s Carrion Crown

Session 1:

8 Neth 4711

9 Neth 4711

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