Formal Announcements

Sheets appearing on the Posting Poles around town during Neth 4711:

Wealday Parchment Article

Shock news from outside the County was received today from Lepidstadt: The child-eating Beast of Lepidstadt has been captured and will stand trial for its life for dozens of murders over the last decade or longer! Finally our Vieland allies can rest in peace at night. Surely the Punishing Man will be raised soon.

The Palatine Council of Canterwall Poster

Orc Incursions from the Hold!

Orcish activity in the Hold of Belkzen has dramatically increased all along our border in recent weeks, including incursions into Canterwall and Lozeri & Vieland further north. All Sheriffs and their Deputies must increase patrols looking for orc war parties and kill all orcs on sight and report such incursions to the Palatine council in Tamrivena.

All civilians must report any orc sightings or suspicious activity to their local Sheriff’s Office immediately.

Our Freedom is in Peril.
Defend it With All Your Might.

By Order of the Palatine Council of Canterwall, Tamrivena, Neth 4711

Formal Announcements

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