Lepidstadt Legend, 15th Kuthona 4711 AR


Vorkstag & Grine Chymic Works Raided!!!

Blood, Gore & Monsters in the Heart of the City!!!

Linked to the Trial of the Beast!!!


An anonymous tip off late last night led to a raid on Vorkstag & Grine’s Chymic Works in the early hours of this morning. The raid saw the combined forces of the Lepidstadt Court Guard and the City Guard acting under orders of Barrister Gustav Kaple. Kaple is currently acting for the defence of the Beast of Lepidstadt, so what connection does the evil Beast have with this profitable local business run by a gnome and human partnership?

One officer at the scene was reported to say: ‘It were a right rotten mess in there an’ no mistake. Looked like a raging battle’d bin fought – bodies of monsters, blood and gore everywhere. We met resistance to arrest by eight man-sized monstrosities and fought them amongst the steaming vats. Killed three we did then, t’others laid themselves down and surrendered to our overwhelming force. The worst was yet to come though – two walking dead in a pool in the basement – these were instantly engaged and destroyed – they even spoke to us before they were taken down – most unnatural, by Pharasma, I’ll tell you. Lots of goods and treasure lying around too that the B-b-b-barrister eventually told us to log in an inventory and cart over to the Courthouse, including all the bodies! We even found evidence of poison!’

A local resident has come forward, Nelly of Physic Street said that she walked past the building last night and saw a very dodgy group lurking around the factory: ‘I tell ya I saw a great ’ulk of a man up a ladder I did with a child all wrapped up in cloth with things dangling off him. Looked all nervous and shifty as I walked by – scared me they did so’s I sped up past ‘em. ’Olding the ladder were an old man, a younger one impersonating a crusader, some woman who looked like a fortune teller and, if I am not very much mistaken [at this point poor Nelly lowered her voice], a hag’s child!’

The whereabouts of Messrs Grine and Vorkstag are unknown.

Lepidstadt Legend, 15th Kuthona 4711 AR

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