NB: all purchases in Ravengro until you leave are at a 5% discount; all items sold gain 55% of their value

Ravengro General Store (Luthko Avanaki & Marta Avanaki)

  • adventuring gear, tools, skill kits
  • MW Full Plate (not for sale)

Temple of Pharasma

  • potions
  • holy water
  • other similar minor magic items
  • Special Area Items
    • a single dose of incense of meditation
    • +1 silver morningstar (list price 2,098 gp) [deposit of 10 gp placed by Lady Mishka Mohana]
    • wand of cure moderate wounds (19 charges)
    • scroll of restoration

There may be other areas in town that sell goods: you have heard of the Ravengro Forge and The Unfurling Scroll


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