V and G Inventory

Descriptions of Rarer Items

This is what is delivered to the Lepidstadt Courthouse early on the morning of 15th Kuthona plus what you took out yourselves, i.e., a full inventory of the Chymic Works. It is all labelled with a description and where it was found. This list includes items that you have already been given so do NOT double count; I have marked where this treasure has been handed out. Neil was going to determine a cost of sale for items you did not want – this list should help and has the extra stuff you didn’t have time to pick up on it too.

Starred (*) items are in the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide.

Storage Room between Stable and Courtyard

Boxes in this room hold

  • 12 vials of alchemist’s fire,
  • 12 vials of liquid ice*,
  • 10 smoke pellets*,
  • 10 smokesticks,
  • six bottles of bleach (worth 5 gp each) with ‘Vorkstag & Grine Chymic Works’ labels
  • bottle of port, worth 100 gp

Loading Bay

Among the empty boxes in this room are cases containing:

  • 12 vials of acid,
  • 12 vials of nushadir*
  • five tanglefoot bags
  • three thunderstones

Grine’s Butchery

NB: you have already been given this stuff so not on Court Inventory

On Grine

  • potion of cure light wounds,
  • potion of spider climb,
  • acid (2),
  • antitoxin;
  • masterwork handaxe,
  • masterwork throwing axes (3),
  • disguise kit,
  • unholy symbol of Norgorber,
  • black smear poison (6 doses),
  • spell component pouch,
  • thieves’ tools

Poison (Ex) Black Smear: injury; save Fort DC 15; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Str; cure 1 save

The room is packed with curios and medical oddities, including

  • a complete alchemist’s lab
  • four vials of antitoxin

Altogether, the contents of the room would be worth 750 gp to the right collector.

Under the bed is a small metal strongbox. The box was both locked and trapped, but the key to its lock rests in a nearby bell jar which you found and the trap was set off. The box contains:

  • 200 gp,
  • four vials of antitoxin,
  • a small purple velvet purse containing 4 small, cloudy diamonds worth 300 gp each.

Vorkstag’s Study

NB: you have already been given this stuff so not on Court Inventory

On Vorkstag

  • 2 x potion of cure light wounds,
  • potion of bull’s strength,
  • potion of spider climb,
  • potion of water breathing,
  • wand of acid arrow (21 charges);
  • masterwork heavy mace,
  • dust of tracelessness (2 doses),
  • alchemist’s kit,
  • keys
  • poison (black adder venom [2 doses], blue whinnis [2 doses], and deathblade [1 dose])

In the room

  • Vorkstag’s collection of books (mainly dealing with anatomy and surgery) would be worth 500 gp to the right scholar or a university
  • a complete alchemist’s lab
  • three packets of flash powder*
  • five pots of alchemical grease*

The Cabinet of Skins and Faces

  • Nearly a score of flayed skins
    • in the Courthouse some have been labelled and are answers to several of Lepidstadt’s unsolved crimes apparently, some of which have been attributed to the Beast of Lepidstadt.
    • Notable skins include
      • the missing Miller of Hargen;
      • Olga Slovech, the scandalous “Harlot of Cerny Brothel” in Lepidstadt;
      • Borgo Znojmo, a respected and reclusive Lepidstadt merchant;
      • Doctor Katarina Vilt, an esteemed lecturer at Lepidstadt University
  • a grotesque, deformed skin of a 8-foot-tall mongrelman, made up of flesh, fur, and scales and covered with fungal boils and hideous puss-filled eruptions

Secret back:

  • 500 gp in assorted coins,
  • a silver drinking cup inlaid with obsidian worth 400 gp,
  • a syringe of six vials of necromantic alchemical elixir (worthless)
  • a ledger detailing customers who have purchased stolen cadavers and anatomical parts from Vorkstag and Grine. Many of the names are local doctors and scholars, including Doctor Brada of Sanctuary, and a person who is not entitled as doctor: Auren Vrood.

Tower of Curios (where first homunculuses found)

  • an ebony tribal mask from the Mwangi Expanse worth 175 gp,
  • a silver torc from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings worth 200 gp,
  • a mammoth tusk scrimshaw from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords (worth 500 gp alone) with several spells carved on its surface. The tusk weighs 20 pounds and functions as a magic scroll containing the spells bull’s strength, ice storm, phantom steed.

Top of Tower

  • a copper lightning rod in the form of a raven eating a wolf, worth 100 gp.

Lower Storage in Basement Level

  • five pots of bladeguard*,
  • 10 doses of bloodblock,
  • 5 applications of silver weapon blanch*,
  • 5 applications of cold iron weapon blanch*,
  • a single application of adamantine weapon blanch*

Secret Distribution Room in Basement Level

  • A ledger listing the objects in the room+, their buyers, and delivery destinations. All of them are destined for scholars in Caliphas and have commanded high prices
  • A wand of gentle repose (28 charges)

+ Jars contain various preserved specimens waiting to be shipped, including a preserved drow head, a pickled pair of hill giant eyes, the half-changed head and spine of a wererat, and a trio of chuul tentacles. Skeletons of 2 owlbears, and a coffin which holds the body (preserved with gentle repose) of a recently slain human.

Note: in this room a narrow corridor ends at a locked iron grille. Forty yards beyond the grille, the tunnel joins the local sewer.

V and G Inventory

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